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What’s My Story?

In a nutshell, I’m a Dutch Aboriginal. Freelance Photographer With Beard. Visual Storyteller. Rogue Philosopher. Father of Odin & Zeus. Aspiring Photojournalist. And a Work in Progress.


I am a freelance photographer/visual storyteller living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.  I specialize in natural light narrative portraiture and have a passion for street photography.

The photography bug hit me at a very early age and has stuck with me every since…just the thought of being able to freeze time and keep it forever was enough to keep me hooked.

My first camera was a birthday gift given to me by my grandmother.  The nifty little instamatic camera came in a parcel from Calgary along with a donkey tshirt that said “I lost my ass in Reno”.  I think I wore that shirt only once to school (laughter) granny had a great sense of humor!


(That's me with a half eaten hotdog on my 5th Birthday)

When I was about 9, my mom had a boyfriend who I assumed was a professional photographer or camera salesman based on his amazing collection of shiny Canons & Nikons.  Wasn’t till my early teens did I find out he was in jail for multiple home invasions and shop lifting.

To be continued…