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Because wandering the streets of the world can sometimes be a bit scary I offer specialized workshops for photographers which cover Situational Awareness, De-Escalation Strategies, Escape & Evasion, Counter Aggression Tactics, and many other safety topics.

I have over twenty-five years of coaching/training experience in personal protection, martial arts, physical conditioning, and wellness. In addition to having trained high level athletes for competitive/professional sports, I am also a certified Defensive Tactics instructor and have collaborated with members of the Canadian and United States law enforcement and military.

“Matthew Dyck taught us easy to execute and effective techniques to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation and if the need arose to disable an attacker. As world-travelling seniors we spend four or more months each year immersing ourselves in other cultures, and although we hope the need never arises to use these skills, our confidence to handle such a situation has risen to a new level.”  

– Irene & Rick Butler Travel Journalists/Photographers

“Matthew is a man of integrity and vision, when I’ve trained with him I always left with something I didn’t have before we started. Matthew has spent his time on the mats learning his craft, perfecting his ability and understanding of the dynamics of personal combat. The bottom line is what Matthew is about, preparing people for life or death encounters is a deadly serious business and not to be taken lightly; Matthew understands this and endeavors to provide the most effective training possible. Matthew is a stand up person and a good friend; he will deliver what he promises”.

– Detective Steven E. Hayden – NYPD/ESU/US Army Rangers

“Adhering to an old saying “blood is thicker than water”, the most valuable thing anyone can have in their life is their family. To this day, in my experience from my travels around the world and the instructors I have come across, there are only a handful of instructors I would recommend on their teaching abilities. And these select few I would recommend and entrust my friends and family to.  Matthew is one of those instructors.”

– Rick A. – Federal L.E.O/S.R.T./US Military/SWAT D.T. Instructor